What is health data?

  • Health data[1] refers to a type of (digital) information that helps us to understand a person’s health, their health risks, and how their health is being managed.
  • It can be created by patients and healthcare professionals – like through electronic health records, prescription records, lab tests, etc.
  • And it can be created through mobile phone applications, wearable devices, etc.

What is data security?

  • Data security[2] refers to protecting data and information systems from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.

What is a health outcome?

  • A health outcome[3] refers to the way that a disease is assessed and measured. It usually includes measurements like symptoms, morbidity (the physical state/illness being considered) or mortality (death). These measurements are made using a clinical definition.
  • Clinical outcome[4]: a type of outcome measurement which is made by a trained healthcare professional after observing a patient’s health condition. It can include measurements of how effective or safe a treatment is. .
  • Patient reported outcome (PRO[5]): refers to the measurement of a patient’s experience or view in clinical care; the patients tells their healthcare provider themselves how they feel and what their level of functioning is in daily life; furthermore, they state what they want to achieve from a treatment.
    • A PRO can be used to assess symptoms as experienced by a patient, activity limitations and participation restrictions, quality of life, and other health perceptions. It is not a clinical measure, and it is typically collected using a questionnaire or interview.

What is Value Based Healthcare?

Value based care[6] refers to an approach to healthcare where the outcomes that matter to patients are at the centre of decision making. This includes focusing on interventions that address prevention, social care, and healthcare in an integrated way around people and patients.

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