The Health Outcomes Observatory project (H2O) brings together the public and private sectors to create an unprecedented, standardised data governance and infrastructure system across Europe to incorporate patients’ experiences and preferences in decisions affecting their individual health care and those of the entire patient community.

With H2O infrastructure and tools, patients will be able to measure their outcomes in a standardised way, whilst keeping full control of their data. Ultimately, this framework of Observatories aims to foster innovation in health care in Europe and beyond to deliver better outcomes for all.  

H2O vision

Data governed and managed by the Health Outcomes Observatories will be accessed by patients and their health care providers to promote a richer and fruitful dialogue between patient and health care professionals based on meaningful information.

H2O aims to create a robust data governance model that gives patients control of their data and enables ethical, secure analysis of the data when patients consent to this, in the interest of society, science and patient care. Standardised and structured health data will be available for analysis in order to:

  • enhance health research prospects
  • promote the development of new treatments that reflect outcomes reported by patients
  • sustain more efficient healthcare systems


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